Why isn’t our society doing better?

That’s the question we started with.

The struggle and hardship in our world has surrounded us for so long that it feels normal. Even with good intentions, big efforts, and some solid wins, we collectively haven’t been able to make things great for all.

We think it’s because our thinking and confidence has been constrained by big forces like industrialisation, colonisation, patriarchal structures, the speed of technology, and old ways of making decisions.

Imagine if we were able to simply work well together and do great. We believe it’s possible.

We’re here to figure out how to get dignity and delight for all

We are a small and nifty team of 3: Lillian Grace (Chief Executive Officer), Rob Isaac (Chief Technical Officer), and Te Aroha Grace (Chief Relationship Officer).

But we aren’t alone! We have a group of 6 wonderful people to guide us as we carve our path: Vic Crone, Traci Houpapa, Anzac Tasker, Kate Hannah, Te Arepa Morehu, and Baruch ter Wal. Aotearoa is our home so our focus is here, but we care about everywhere so will share widely.

We like growing relationships. If you’d like to be friends contact Te Aroha at tearoha.grace@figuregroup.com or +64 21 857 610.

Where are we starting?

To navigate well we need to learn how to discard the constraints of the past so that we can think with confidence, make great decisions, and communicate with ease.

That’s why we’re creating Huatau, a thoughtful learning platform to help us all grow the knowledge, skills, and confidence we need to best navigate, together.

We give as we grow

We donate 5% of our revenue (not just profit!) each month to Figure.NZ, a charity making data accessible for all that Lillian founded in 2012 and that Rob helped establish too. We do this because we believe it’s important to build giving-back into our foundation.

How we do things

Our values guide our approach. They help us make decisions, decide what to focus on, and identify why things do or don’t feel right.


We are guided by best, considerate, and deliberate human practice. We actively seek to understand the tikanga of areas we are not expert in ourselves by engaging with others who are. Through tikanga, we can better see the patterns of our past to guide how we move.

Design for delight

We let ourselves imagine the most delightful things we can do and then we try and make them happen. Sometimes we don’t achieve the things we want, but it’s never because we limited our own thinking.


We feel a strong duty of care to look after others and our surroundings, and we work to leave all realms in a healthier state than when we arrived.

Better together

When we weave together as people and organisations we create a stronger fabric for our country than we can do alone. We share what we are doing, we like to work with and support others, and we don’t duplicate work others are already doing well.


We share mana with others and with our environment. We believe that by uplifting the mana of others we enhance their mauri and create positive emotional connections between all living things. Before we act, we take time to consider the widespread impacts of our actions on others and their state.

Sure and steady

We want to do good things for a long time. To last the distance we bring a calm and considered energy, and we take our time to be thoughtful and rigorous in our approach.


Moving from awareness to knowing and enlightenment is critical for a great and cohesive world. Collectively, we already have everything we need to create dignity and delight for all, and so shifting through these states is what will help us all act in better ways to achieve it. If we don’t know something or if something does not make sense to us, we seek to better understand it rather than dismiss it.

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